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How We Got Started

Wezesha Dada Center (WDC) is a nonprofit organization working to empower women and girls to become successful entrepreneurs, facilitate investments in our communities, and close wealth disparities for those who have faced systemic disadvantages. In 2023, WDC students recognized that the summer months bring hot weather and the winter months bring cold weather; But, no matter the season, people love to have their thirst quenched with refreshing seasonal drinks.

The Sugary Stop is a social enterprise LLC developed, run and led by students of WDC’s Empowering Girls Through Entrepreneurship course to provide hands-on entrepreneurial experience and allow students to receive income for their business or future school work, all while providing the residents of Colorado’s Denver Metro Area with unique, high quality, refreshing seasonal beverages.


Mission & Vision

What We’re Doing

Our mission is to empower women and girls in Colorado to achieve business and financial success by offering hands-on entrepreneurial experience and leadership development opportunities while providing high quality seasonal beverages, snacks and accessories to the residents of the Denver Metro area.

The Sugary Stop’s vision is two-fold. We envision a bright future in the Denver Metro area with cheerful, smiling, happy people whose joy comes in part from receiving the unique, high quality, refreshing beverages and snacks of the Sugary Stop. From our community investment perspective, we also envision the Sugary Stop as an incubator for successful entrepreneurs. 


Core Beliefs & Guiding Principles

What Makes Us Unique

  • We believe that people love and deserve high quality, refreshing beverages and snacks no matter the season.
  • We believe in creating opportunities that empower people to make choices that work best for them.
  • We believe in exploring and using cutting edge strategies and unique approaches in our business model, sales and customer service strategies.
  • We strive to ensure affordable pricing that supports our mission and vision.
  • We aim to create win-win opportunities for our customers, team members and student-owners.
  • We believe that team members and customers benefit from a creative, fun environment such as costumes, drink specials and more.


Our Values


We aim to explore new ideas and try new things to best serve our customers and the community.


Creating income opportunities and leadership experiences for our current and future team members is an important part of what we do.

Fun & Positivity

We aim to create an environment that is fun and positive for our team members and customers alike.